How to Catch Florida Peacock Bass

The peacock bass fish (Cichla ocellaris) was deployed into Florida areas as an experiment to control the overpopulation of many unusual exotic fish species within the areas canals, ponds, freshwater lakes. The spotted tilapia ( Tilapia mariae ) started thriving with the aid of aquarium owners releasing older larger undesirable specimens. These exotic fish consisted of others like the blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) African jewelfish (hemichromis bimaculatus ) and the prevalent mayan cichlid (cichlasoma urophthalmus). Peacock bass fishing in Florida is excellent year round because the water stays warm.


The biologist had a large hassle, so big that they noticed Tilapia in large numbers where not unusual by the early 1980's and that it was outnumbering allot of native fish species. Biologists in Florida were looking for a method on how they could manage that big exceptional problem. They considered many sport fish from there inventory to try to make an impact on the problem they had. They picked the peacock fish (cichla ocellaris), the first introduction in South Florida was carried out in 1984. The first batch of  Peacock fish where introduced into the black creek canal system (C-1) .


There is a great number of fishing spots that the angler can find this powerful freshwater game fish.Fishing in the dark is not recommended, the best fishing happens in the middle of the day when it's hot outside.The speckled Peacock bass species  from south America was also introduced and grows to similar size of the the temensis Species but unfortunately it did not adapt as well as the butterfly. 


There are many excellent fishing  captains who offer guided peacock bass fishing trips. When you catch one of these beautiful fish in person you will truly see how eye catching a Florida peacock bass is, they glow with a multitude of colors. Allot of anglers call them rainbow bass for this reason.


Did you know the the Peacock fish in Spanish language is called tucunaré  (genus Cichla). Florida is one of the best states for fishing, there is so much angling opportunities. Chasing monster fish around is tons of fun, just make sure you have your fishing hat and sunscreen and your favorite speaker from

Peacock Bass Fishing Florida

My name is Mike, I have been fishing for freshwater fish in Florida since 1995. The purpose of this website is to educate people around the world about the beautiful Peacock bass fish which thrives in Canals since 1984. Here on this page, you will find my recommendations how to catch peacock fish and what tackle and lures work best. Peacock bass fishing Florida ,it's defiantly my favorite fish adventure. 

The Peacock Bass is a brute once on your line, It is strong, fast, tough, they will take you into culverts, structure to try to break you off. This non native exotic Florida fish makes big-time powerful tackle destroying, head-shaking runs. I have had treble hooks bent and broken in the process of hooking a big fish on topwater lures. Peacocks  put up harder fight than let's say the traditional legendary large mouth bass. These fish do not get to grow to be trophy sized on day by being unintelligent. They often try to find the closest possible culvert, debris, sharp rock ledges to try to break you off.

South Florida anglers have grown accustomed to fishing for exotics in our local waters. I enjoy bass fishing with light tackle , makes catching fish more of a challengeBelow you will find our recommendations on the best artificial bass fishing lures.Water temperature for the most part stays stable and fishing is good year round. Pack your bags and take a fishing trip down to South Florida , you will not forget this fishing trip!

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Most Productive Peacock bass fishing Artificial Lures

Where can you find Florida Peacock Bass?

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Locations - Bridges


Bridges are excellent Florida Peacock bass fishing locations. I would recommend that you to try to focus fishing around them, superb fish catchers. The reason why I think bridges are so good is because the butterfly peacock bass is a highly predatory fish and often uses the structure as an advantage to abash unsuspecting bait fish. 


I recommend you make a cast at an angle so your bait can really get into the shady areas inside of the bridge structure. If you happen to be using live bait, hold on and be ready for the strike! Florida freshwater fish also loves the structure that consists of a lot of big limestone boulders. I have the best success when fishing deep rock ledges and drop off's. Fish love to sit under the deep side of the rock ledges. But be aware you might just hook up with a Snook fish, clown knife fish, snake head or another Florida fish species.  Palm Beach counties, Dade and Broward have great numbers of fish.

Would you like your own dazzling Peacock bass decal for your fishing tackle box, kayak? you can order one today.


Best Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Locations - Culverts


Pipes and culverts are top fishing locations, Florida game fish like to sit by them and wait for bait fish to get swept threw culverts and pipes with canal or lake current.  Bass are predatory fish and are often looking for an easy meal assisted by there surroundings

Best Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Locations - Pipes


There is a good amount of man-made lakes and ponds in South Florida that have pumps for aeration. The peacock fish likes to hang out near long stretches of PVC pipes coming from land that go underwater. These Florida fishing locations have always been what I look for when I go fishing. Pipes are a superb peacock fish habitat that hold great numbers of fish. 

Recommended Fishing tackle for Florida Peacock Bass Fishing


My recommended fishing set up is the  Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 3000HG spooled with  8-10 pound test line and  G. Loomis E6X Bass Fishing Rod. Quick Tip! using a spinning outfit has it's advantages for peacock bass fishing in tight locations where cover is an issue. Like Fly fishing? visit our  Best Fly Tying Vises in 2020 guide  for our recommendations on the best vises.



There is excellent Florida fishing, you can always book a fishing charter for deep sea charters which target thrilling  pelagics like sailfish, mahi-mahi,barracuda fish to bottom fishing species like groupers and snappers. Florida is truthfully a special place with some of the best fishing and outdoor recreation in the world. Grab your  tackle box and fishing hat and make your way down for a unforgettable fish adventure, remember to purchase a Florida fishing license.

The peacock fish are sought after by the aquarium monster fish keepers. There are many exotic fish species for sale by many aquarium stores out there, I like Tampa bay cichlids, they have gorgeous freshwater animals. Make sure to check out our gallery, always nice to have a memory from our fishing experiences


 I have had a lot of trial and error in regards to what is the best live bait for Florida Peacock bass fish. I have found that small spotted tilapia, African jewel fish, Mayan cichlids, golden shiners are excellent. Make sure to take a look at  the important laws from the Florida freshwater conservation commission regarding using Invasive Florida fish species as bait. Many South Florida anglers land big fish on live fast moving bait.

The Best method for catching your own live bait for Peacock Bass Fishing

Artificial lures are not for every fisherman and that's OK! Out of all the white bread brands out there I defiantly like wonderbread the best. Why? I feel that this particular brand lasts longer fresh and has the right type of consistency when I slightly wet it to make small balls of bait with it. This soft white sliced wonder bread has a buttery texture to it which makes it easier to stay on the fishing hook. I try to stay away from tougher types of bread as its allot more difficult and becomes a greater mission when the bread comes off the hook almost instantly. Once I make a tiny bred ball about the size of a green pea I put it on the best fishing hook Eagle Claw 215A-8 for catching your own live bait.

Live shiners for bait are adored with anglers in Florida and make a dynamic live bait choice for your fishing trip. You can  search for a a local store to buy them by typing bait shop near me on google. These baits  are typically  2"- 4" inches in size,you can expect to pay around $9 to $10 dollars per dozen. The  live shiners are a convenient option if you do not want to micro fish to catch your own bait.

Keeping Peacock Bass Fishing Live Bait in the Best Conditions

Keeping the live bait you just caught or bought at your local tackle store is important. There is no worse feeling then taking a drive to your peacock bass fishing location to discover your live bait is dead. The best way to make sure this does not happen is by purchasing a bait bucket with a quality lid and fish aerator to make sure they have plenty of oxygen and will be frisky for when you put them on the hook. These live bait aerator pumps run on a couple of D Batteries which last for many hours making this system economical and cost effective. Do you need help with deciding which air pump is right for you? check out our review on "The Top 5 Best Live Bait Fishing Aerator Pumps"

Mayan Cichlid
African Jewl Cichlid
Spotted Tilapia
marine metal hush bubbles aerator
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  • Designed for fresh and saltwater use

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marine matal aerator box

 Marine Metal Aerator Bubble Box 1.5V 

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  • Designed for fresh and saltwater use

  • Space saver clam shell package 4"W x 7.5"Lx 2"D

frabil 4825 insulated bait bucket

Frabill 4825 Insulated Bait Bucket with Built in Aerator

  • Frabill Insulated Bait bucket with included aerator

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  • Insulated Liner allowing to your bait to stay alive longer

  • Built in compartment with housed aerator,Hose hole in lid

frabil aqua-life portable aerator

Frabill Aqua-Life Portable Aerator

  • Effectively Aerates Up To 6 Gallons

  • Includes Aerator Hose And Stone

  • Runs On Two D Batteries

fulhengy Battery Aquarium Air Pump

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