5 Best Topwater Baits for Florida Peacock Bass

Updated: Jul 8

The Florida Peacock bass loves to smash topwater baits, the rush of seeing a big fish blow up on a top water is second to none. When they hit on the surface it goes from zero to one hundred real quick, hang on and make sure your drag is not locked down. The top water lures are deadly on the powerful south Florida game fish, they are fishing catching machines and are recommended form years of my personal experience. I recommend all these lures for the anglers tackle box.

5 Best Topwater Lures for Florida Peacock Bass

When fishing for shallow water Florida peacock bass the top water bait is second to none in getting these fantastic explosions and hookups with a peacock fish.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo

The Heddon "Tiny Torpedo" is prop-bait top water bait which has been around for a very long time. This lure is one of the easiest but very effective on Florida peacock bass. This lure does not require a special skill or technique to use, simple just reel it in, the props on it will make a commotion on top of the water column.

Heddon Tiny Torpedo Heddon Lures

Heddon Super Spook Jr. Lure

The Heddon "Super Spook Jr." always sits in my top water baits tackle box. I recommend this version above which is the saltwater version because it has better hooks then the freshwater model. This Super Spook Jr has killer action when you use the walk the dog action on it.

Super Spook Jr. Heddon Lures

Yo-Zuri 3DB Popper

The Yo-zuri "3DB Popper" is an excellent topwater bait for Florida peacock bass fish because you can fish it with two techniques, stop and pop, or walk the dog. I use this lure when fishing promising Florida peacock bass locations as a search bait. I can cast it along a drop-off, under a bridge and it's very noisy and will attract peacock bass from a distance.

3DB Popper Yo-zuri Lures

Rapala Original Floater #07

The Rapala "Original floater" has also been around for a very long time, I feel a lot of anglers have almost forgotten what a great topwater bait this is for peacock bass. The lure is constructed out of balsa wood and features black nickel vmc hooks. When you cast this bait all you have to do it rip it back and pause using a stop and go technique.

Original Floater #07 Rapala Lures

Rat-L-Trap Lures 1/2-Ounce Floating Trap

The Rat-L-Trap lure has been around way before I was born, this lipless crankbait is truthfully a fish catcher. Here is where things change, they make a floating version called the "Float-N-Trap" which is deadly on Florida peacock bass. I like using this floating top water bait when I want a more subtle presentation.

Float-N-Trap Bill Lewis Lures


Depending on the size of the topwater bait I like to fish between 10-12 pound test monofilament. This line is very good for fishing lures which will be floating near the surface because of its buoyancy. Braided lines are also good for the type of fishing for Florida peacock bass.

As for Fishing rod of choice for me personally its a 7'3 Medium Fast with a softer tip so I can sling these baits out a good distance and cover the maximum amount of water per my fishing time. I like the softer tip because these strikes most of the time come in very fast and strong if I have a fishing rod with a stiff tip it will result in less fish hooked, more hooks bent.

Trilene XL Berkley

SuperPower KastKing

Speed Demon Pro KastKing

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