Best Rapala Shad Rap Colors for Florida Peacock Bass

Updated: Jul 6

The Florida Peacock bass loves to attack minnow profile baits, the rush of seeing a big Peacock slam your fishing lures is very exciting. Below you will find what I find to be the best colors for the Rapala Shad Rap fishing lure for Florida Peacock Bass.

The Best Rapala Shad Rap lure color for Florida Peacock Bass.

The Rapala Shad Rap Crank bait has the following features

  • The world's best running hardbait, hand-tuned and tank-tested at the factory.

  • Balsa Wood Construction

  • Natural Baitfish Profile

  • legendary wounded minnow action of Rapala lure

  • Excellent for casting or trolling, the Shad Rap is designed to be fished at ultra slow speeds to super fast speeds.

Rapala Shad Rap Color: Bleeding Copper Flash

Rapala Shad Rap Color: Firetiger

Rapala Shad Rap Color:Bluegill

Rapala Shad Rap Color:Silver

Rapala Shad Rap Color:Yellow Perch

Florida Peacock Bass Terminal tackle tips

I like to fish between 10-12 pound test monofilament. As for Fishing rod of choice for me personally its a 7'3 Medium Fast with a softer tip so I can sling these baits out a good distance and cover the maximum amount of water per my fishing time. I like the softer tip because these strikes most of the time come in very fast and strong if I have a fishing rod with a stiff tip it will result in less fish hooked, more hooks bent.

Trilene XL Berkley

SuperPower KastKing

Speed Demon Pro KastKing

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