Extremus 421 Water Bottle Product Guide.

Updated: Jun 6

Best Affordable water bottle guide, extremus 421.

If you haven't heard the Extremus 421 Hydration Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle then let me introduce you to it. This is a new product with over 100 reviews and a 5-star average rating, fisherman, Hikers, Kayak fisherman seem to really enjoy this water bottle.

But what makes extremus water bottle so good?

These water bottles are very light and fashionable, I have the wood grain one my self. They help you keep ice for 24 hours and a hot drink for about 12 hours.

What are the Extremus 421 water bottle best features ?

The Extremus is 421 double-wall vacuum insulated water bottle is made from high quality 18/8 food-grade 304 Stainless Steel inside and hardened 201 Stainless Steel outside. Safety is a top priority, as this water bottle is made with non-toxic BPA-free plastics.

They come with a really awesome way to keep track of your daily water intake. You simply place a peel away strip and put it on the bottle, as you go drinking water your mark and keep track of your progress. I bought 3 for my family and enjoy using these very much, great product for the price.

Get your Extremus 421 on Amazon here

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