Florida Peacock Bass Spawning - Guarding Eggs.

Updated: Jun 6

When do Florida Peacock bass spawn?

Normally there are two fish protecting eggs on a hard surface. The male is almost always bigger and will display hump on the top side of its head. Below you will find a Florida Butterfly Peacock bass showing spawning behavior. Watch the video and you will see a fish guarding the eggs. Where are they? They are right on that branch. I was surprised to see only one fish only, most of the time it's a pair.

Why is there only one Peacock Bass guarding?

I have seen this happen to allot, the reason is that the fish are easy targets when bedding. Many anglers do not know that catching both is a bad idea, when you catch bedding fish they can take longer to return to the nest. Would you like to catch trophy peacock bass. ?

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