Best cheap fishing glove - Gonex UPF50+

Updated: Jun 6

Best cheap fishing gloves - Gonex UPF50+ FISHING GLOVES REVIEW

Gonex UPF50+ Fishing Gloves

Why are these Gonex fishing gloves so good?

  • 【Fingerless Gloves with Re-enforced Anti-slipping PVC Palm, Extra Grip, Less Wear】 To extend fishing gloves’ use life, we use textured PVC extra padding to re-enforce the frequently wearing points in the middle of palm and between the thumb and forefinger. This greatly help better grip on the fishing rods when changing hooks and baits. Nowhere have this PVC palm, only be found with our fishing gloves. full palm synthetic leather for extra durability and better grip.

  • 【Function & Fashion, Trendy Coconut Sailing, Kayaking Gloves】 pick this low-profile yet best look and popular coconut tree to set out your outdoor expedition of fishing, Kayaking, Rowing, Paddling, Canoeing. This is the one we have unique design coconut tree for fishing gloves.

  • 【Adjustable Wrist-cuff Strap for Snug Fit, Finger-less Gloves for More Flexibility】 compared to long wrist gloves’ feel of bulky, these shortened gloves with adjustable cuff is more fit. NO worries of gloves getting loose and interfering you to tie knots, cast rods, adjust your line when fishing.

  • 【All Water Sports Sun Protection Sports and most Comfortable Fit】 UPF50+ Sun Gloves keeps you out of harmful sun rays in summer days out-going. Elastic Lycra is light-weight, breathable and quick drying to enjoy its cooling feel when put them on and wear them all day long in summer. Washable and Dry-up quickly even when get wet during fishing.

  • 【Finger-less Pull tab Design】 Pull tab on finger tip assists pulling gloves off while not interfering your fishing. Finger-less design allows more flexibility and manoeuvring when fishing, kayaking, hiking, paddling, rowing, driving, canoeing, paddle board, etc most of water sports.

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