Kastking Speed Demon Fishing Rod Guide.

Updated: Jun 6

Kastking Speed Demon Fishing Rod Product review guide

I would like to introduce to you the fishing rod have I have been using to catch Monster Miami Peacock bass with. The Fishing rod is the Kastking Speed Demon pro. The one I use is the 7'3 crankbait model that is rated for 8-17 pound test and has a medium moderate action. I like this rod action because it allows me to sling lures and live bait a long way. I normally like to fish with an 8-pound test fluorocarbon. Having a rod that is sensitive but balanced is what I like personally like.

When I am fishing for Peacock Bass I normally like to fish a light drag so if a big monster Miami fish comes calling, I can try to tire it out if it runs out to the middle of the canal or lake, then guides it in and land a beast. I also like a longer rod, I use a 7'3, I feel it's more accurate at casting and if a fish comes in hot and tries to get me under a Sharp drop off or point I can stick my rod out away from me and into the water to prevent a brake off on a trophy-class fish. This rod has over 300 reviews and a 4.7-star average rating, fisherman seem to enjoy the Speed Demon pro fishing rod.

But what makes the rod good? First I will say the value is incredible, rods of this caliber are normally priced for allot more. The rod has excellent sensitivity and is lite but strong when your fishing with it.

And the best part yet? the Kastking Speed Demon Pro Fishing rod's come with Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology. Fuji Guides/Reel Seats & WINN Grips which so nice when fishing, you have a great grip on the rod even it's raining or very humid. There is also a great range of kastking reels with great reviews on the market.

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