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Updated: Jul 8

Lunkerhunt Impact Jolt catches nice Florida Peacock Bass

I was home yesterday debating if I should go bank hopping for Butterfly peacock bass. There was some weather coming threw and it was raining on and off all day. I was ready to go fishing grab my stuff and it starts pouring ah don't you love south Florida. I went back inside with my head down, no fishing. A few hours passed and I looked outside again and I see it was cloudy but it was not raining, I said you know what let me take a drive to a spot which was about 15 minutes away. I found the peacock out and hungry, I did not spot any bedding fish but they were aggressively chasing my Lunkerhunt crankbait. I did not have much time as it was getting dark fast but kept casting around.

How did my Fishing session go?

Butterfly Peacock Bass

I caught a few small and scrappy Peacocks like this size, they were more than eager to hit the lure. I jumped across the street to another lake with about 30 minutes left before it is completely dark. I hooked up with 2-3 nice peacocks about 3 pounds and they all came off. I was honestly trying to get some cool pictures and videos for my Youtube channel while being hooked up.

What fishing tackle did I use?

I was using my Lews Mach crush combo spooled up with 12-pound test Kastking fluorokote. How was I getting the Peacock's to hit my Lunkerhunt crankbait? I was casting straight out when it would get to the drop off I would stop it abruptly, they were slamming it right there. The hits where hard and fast, that is the reason I was fishing with heavier drag. I did not want them to break me off on the drop-off.

I had one last cast of the day, I had left my regular glasses in the car so I hardly can see the water at this point. I had my costa del mar sunglasses which are normally great just not at night when this lightly colored South Florida peacock bass hit. All in all, I am happy I decided to go wet a line and try even though it was a rainy and windy day.

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