Norman lure Speed Clips review

Updated: Jul 8

Norman Speed Clips review

When I started fishing the knot choice I used always was the improved clinch knot while fishing lures. My favorite currently is the Palomar knot, it's very easy to tie, and is very strong and reliable. When fishing with lures the action is cut down a considerable amount when using a knot like I just mentioned. You can use a loop knot, but my issue with the loop knot is that I have lost quite a few lures with it. How? If you are using light line sometimes with casting force your line can slide outside the split ring.

Enter, norman lures speed clips, they are incredibly strong and really useful. Since you are tying directly to the speed clip with your favorite knot and not sacrifice lure actions. I have got stuck on the structure and when using the norman lures speed clip I have not have one bend while trying to retrieve my lure.

How is norman lures speed clips offered?

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