Spawning Florida Bluegill attacking cichlids

Updated: Jul 8

I got to capture some footage of a wild Florida Bluegill protecting its nest from exotic intruders during the spawn. You can clearly see its working overtime to chase off invasive species like the Mayan cichlids and the spotted tilapia.

Which one is which? The Mayan cichlids are those fish which have the dot on the tail section. The spotted tilapia has a striped body.

There is currently a great number of invasive fish species that call South Florida lakes and canals home.

When do Bluegills spawn in South Florida?

The Florida Bluegill Spawning season is the summer season, May and June are good bets. The water temperature in these months is typically near 80 degrees which triggers the annual reproductive spawning cycle.

How many eggs do Bluegills lay?

Bluegill fish can lay up to 60,000 plus eggs during a spawn.

Where do Bluegills like to spawn?

Florida Bluegill like to spawn in the shallow sandy bottom which is mixed in with gravel. The chosen locations are found in less than 5ft of water, near shore.


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Mayan Cichlid (Cichlasoma urophthalmus)

Mayan cichlid - invasive Florida species

Spotted Tilapia (Pelmatolapia mariae)

Spotted Tilapia - invasive Florida species

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