Rat-L-trap produces Florida peacock bass.

Updated: Jun 6

Yesterday evening was a very exciting one, I landed an absolute football of a Peacock Bass, perhaps the super bowl left it behind. The plan was to fish around 3 pm as my cousin Peter was getting out of a doctor's appointment. He said he was going to pick up a few dozen shiners and come to my location. Well, that was the plan but between him getting out of the appointment a little later, and traffic he told me he was going to arrive about a half-hour later than the planned time. I gathered two rods, a baitcasting setup and a spinning one. I tied on a brand new Rat-L-Trap in a color that I have never used. The lure color code is 295 (Pumpkin Perch) from Bill Lewis. I stumbled upon this lure on Instagram user's account (run_n_gun_fishin) he mentioned the colors looked like those of an African Jewel fish. I agree it really does, normally these small cichlids live in the crevices of shallow water rock structures. They are Peacock Bass candy and almost get destroyed immediately if you use one as live bait in South Florida waters.

African jewelfish (Hemichromis bimaculatus)

On my 3rd cast I get this massive hit out in open water and my drag from my fishing reel kastking Spartacus starts peeling, I say to my self this has to be a huge fish. Sure enough, the peacock bass comes airborne and I scream that easily over 5 pounds, has to be. I had to be very careful about bringing him near shore as that spot I was fishing is a bit heavy on the structure onshore. There are tons of broken tree limbs and debris, I did not want to break off this giant Florida peacock bass. I was using Kastking Flourokote in a 12lb test tied to the lure with a loop knot. You would think it's over when I land the fish right? negative, my cousin was still not there and I was left with an awesome fish on my hands. I really did want to get a few nice photos of the fish and a quick video. Luckily I had a big bucket with an aerator and I kept cycling the fish from the bucket to the lake water while holding him to ensure he was going to be alright. Finally, my cousin Peter arrived, he was shocked to see the size of that fish. We quickly weighed him on a tared out the scale and the fish went 6.15lb. Took a few pictures and video of the catch and brought him back to the lakeshore and revived him and he swam off, what a story and a South Florida fishing adventure.

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