XTRATUF Realtree rubber boots for men review.

Updated: Jul 8

XTRATUF Realtree rubber boots for men review.

Why Did I consider these fishing boots, xtratuf deck boot?

Fishing for Exotic freshwater fish in South Florida cant get quite dirty and messy, why?

Most lakes and ponds are very muddy at lake and canal shores.

After fishing for over 25 years with your normal sneakers from land, I decided that it was time for a change. Frankly, I was noticing that all my sneakers where always full of mud and spiky bur balls. If anyone has fished with wet socks and muddy sneakers it's not a good feeling and could lead to many types of fungus and bacteria. Needed to make a change and consider something for fishing shoes.

Requirements when choosing the right fishing boot.

I researched for a few days and decided that the XTRATUF Realtree deck Boot was the winner for me. The selling point for me personally was that they are 6", 100% Waterproof, lightweight and had xpresscool lining which is great to keep your feet cool in hot climates.

They already have been used a few times and my initial thoughts were very positive, it is very convenient to just get home and rinse them off and put them away for the next fishing trip. These rubber boots for men are very fashionable as well it almost seems every time I take them out I get compliments.

There are many colors of the XTRATUF 6" DECK boot to choose from and are very affordable which means they won't break the bank.


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